The Deacons are the lay leaders of the Church. They are entrusted with the spiritual growth, well being, and worship life of the congregation. They prepare the Communion elements, assisting in the celebration of the Lord ’s Supper. (The Sacrament of Communion is open to all Christians who wish to know the presence of Christ, and to all who seek to share in the community of God’s people.) 

The Deacons work with our Pastor in welcoming new members as they join with our congregation in worshipfellowship, and service.  The Deacons share in the joys and concerns of the congregation, and of each ministry. They are essential to the communications of the church. Each Ministry is represented on Diaconate, in addition to a Chair, Vice-Chair, and two to four elected At-Large Members.  The Deacons generally meet on the third Tuesday of every month.

Current Deacons


Dick Paige

Deacons at Large

Tracy Gale

Laurie Gerundo

Kaytlyn Howard

Cheryl Letendre


Ministry Representatives

Church Life: Avis Hull

Education: Jocelyn Nadeau

Mission & Witness: Wendy Moores

Stewardship: Ted Sanford


Deacons Emeriti

John Barr

Mark Bosse

Deborah Howard

Avis Hull

Dolores Sawchuk

Jeannette Tomlinson


Church Clerks & Treasurers

Church Clerk: Mark Bosse

Membership Clerk: Deborah Howard

Treasurer: Tom St. Louis

Assistant Treasurer: Steve Bradstreet