Ministry of Christian Education

Ministry of Christian Education Mission Statement


The Ministry of Christian Education at Colchester Federated Church celebrates all people as children of God embarking on their own faith journeys. We strive to offer safe and comfortable Christian experiences for everyone at all stages of development to experience God by connecting real faith to real life through the messages of the Bible. 

We work to provide resources and support that help all members of our congregation to grow in their faith. 

Guiding us in our mission are our core values:


Embracing diversities of faith and life;

Worshiping  and learning together;

Growing  in our relationship with God;

Growing  in our relationship with each other;

Making a connection between church and home;

And relying upon our faith in dealing with the challenges of everyday life.


The Ministry of Education consists of six members plus a Chair and Vice-chair, including UCC, ABC, and whenever possible, Federated members. It has general oversight of the entire field of Christian Education and shall advise and coordinate the various groups under it. Responsibilities of the ministry include Adult Christian Education, Christian Education for children and youth, Discipleship Classes, and Youth Ministry. The ministry also consults with other ministries on their educational programs.  Our Director of Christian Education is Nicole Hosford--feel free to reach out to Nicole with any questions you may have!

For more information, here are some of our Christian Education documents: CFC Safe Church Policy and Sunday School Registration Form. 

Sunday School 2020

*PLEASE NOTE - Communion Sunday – children in in 3rd grade and above stay in sanctuary for service. 2nd grade and below have Sunday School.

Primary Class is for youth in preschool through 2nd grade. This class focuses on the fundamentals and basic principles of the Bible.

Secondary Classes will dive deeper into Scripture reading following the Submerged Curriculum. While the lesson is the same, the two classes will have varying activities each week.

Intermediate Class is for youth in 3rd-5th grade.

Breakfast Club is for youth in 6th-8th grade.


Sunday School Schedule

February 23, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY-Man in The Synagogue (Matthew 12:9-14)

SECONDARY Jesus Cleanses the Temple (Matthew 21:12-17)


March 1, 2020- Communion

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Jesus and The Children(Matthew 19:13-15)



March 8, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Last Supper (Matthew 26:17-30)

SECONDARY Jesus Set an Example (John 13:1-15)


March 15, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- In the Garden (Matthew 26:31-56)

SECONDARY -The Last Supper (Matthew 26:14-30)


March 22, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Peter (Matthew 26:57-58;69-75)

SECONDARY Staying Awake (Matthew 26:31-56)

March 29, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Hosanna! (Matthew 21:1-11; 27:32-66

SECONDARY The Empty Tomb (Matthew 27:57-28:10)

April 5, 2020 Communion

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Easter (Matthew 28:1-10)



April 12, 2020 EASTER SUNDAY



April 19, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Breakfast on the Beach (John 21:1-19)

SECONDARY -Encounter with A Stranger (Luke 24:36-53)


April 26, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20)

SECONDARY -Jesus Brings Peace (Luke 24:36-53)

May 3, 2020 Communion

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Believers Share (Acts 4:32-37)


May 10, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Choosing the Seven (Acts 6:1-7)

SECONDARY -The Holy Spirit Comes (Acts 2:1-41)

May 17, 2020 – Confirmation Sunday



May 24, 2020

PRIMARY- PRIMARY- Philip and the Ethiopian

(Acts 8:26-40)

SECONDARY -A New Community (Acts 2:42-47; 6:1-7)

Youth Groups

We have two youth groups here at CFC.  

Adventure Club is for children in grades 3-5 and Teen Time is for youth in grades 6-12.  We are fortunate to have parent volunteers who run our youth groups.   

Discipleship Class

We offer a Discipleship Class that helps our high school students explore their Christian faith as they journey to become adult members of our congregation.  We meet twice a month on Monday evenings and have special events throughout the year including service opportunities and retreats.  The class is led by our Pastor and Christian Education Director, and we're fortunate to have mentors from within our congregation who work with our students as well.