Ministry of Wellness

The Mission of Wellness includes Parish Nursing and anyone who is interested in assisting the congregation with health and well being issues.  

The Mission Statement of the Mission of Wellness is to connect and support people spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually in crisis and/or joyful situations throughout all stages of life.  We will visit and support those in need. 

We will provide fellowship and education that embraces the whole body, mind, and spirit. 

The role of the Parish Nurse is as a health counselor, educator, referral source and facilitator of volunteers. 

We do not provide hands on care or perform invasive procedures. We will help you access available resources. 

We can be reached through the Pastor or the church office. Blood Pressure Screenings are available on the first Sunday of the month after services. Health related articles are included in the Church Crier monthly.

Greetings From Your

Parish Nurse

The new school year has begun and that means parents and caregivers it is time to review school safety tips with your youngsters.


Walking to School - Tips for Parents

If you feel your child does not have adequate pedestrian skills to walk to school, either walk with him/her until you are confident in his/her ability or make alternate arrangements for getting him/her to and from school.

Practice the route with your child to be sure he/she knows it.

Make sure the route your child takes is safe and has a crossing guard at intersections.


Walking to School - Tips for Children

Never take a shortcut through a wooded area. Stay on the route you practiced with your parents/


Walk to school with a friend or a group of friends.

Wearing light or brightly colored clothing makes it easier for drivers to see you.


Traveling by School Bus

Never step off the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Always use seat belts if the bus if equipped with them.

Do not move around in the bus.

Sit quietly in your seat.

When leaving the school bus, stay in view of the driver and always cross the street in front of the bus.

Even though traffic is supposed to stop for a school bus, always check both ways before crossing the street.


Riding a Bike to School

Always wear an approved helmet when riding a bicycle.

Wearing clothing that is bright and colorful makes it easier for drivers to see you.

Learn hand signals and use them.

Ride a bike on the right-hand side of the road traveling in the same direction as the traffic.

Always stop for stop signs and follow the rules of traffic lights.

Learn and follow the rules of the road.

Do not listen to music on your Smartphone or another device.

Always pay attention to the traffic and listen to what's going on around you.


Riding to School in a Car

Whether you are driving your children or carpooling, make sure each child is securely strapped into their seatbelt. Younger children need the appropriate car seat or booster seat for their age or size.

Have each child exit the car using the door on the curbside so he or she isn't stepping out of the car into traffic.

Do not leave the school until your child, or all those in the carpool, are safely inside the school building.


I hope the above information is useful. If you have questions about the article of other health related issues, please call Parish Nurse Cheryl Letendre RN, BSN,


Source: Love to Know: Back To School Safety Tips by Terry Hurley