Ministry of Wellness

The Mission of Wellness includes Parish Nursing and anyone who is interested in assisting the congregation with health and well being issues.  

The Mission Statement of the Mission of Wellness is to connect and support people spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually in crisis and/or joyful situations throughout all stages of life.  We will visit and support those in need. 

We will provide fellowship and education that embraces the whole body, mind, and spirit. 

The role of the Parish Nurse is as a health counselor, educator, referral source and facilitator of volunteers. 

We do not provide hands on care or perform invasive procedures. We will help you access available resources. 

We can be reached through the Pastor or the church office. Blood Pressure Screenings are available on the first Sunday of the month after services. Health related articles are included in the Church Crier monthly.

Greetings From Your

Parish Nurse

What makes people happy?

Do you know people who always seem bright and cheery? So what’s their secret? Research shows that certain simple habits often play a role in happiness. Here are eight ways to cultivate more of it in your life:

1. Nurture social ties

Satisfying relationships help us feel fulfilled. Make a point to connect with at least one friend or loved one each day. Do you rely on texts, social media and email to stay in touch? That can be good. But don’t let technology entirely replace face-to-face time.

2. Give thanks for joys big and small

Noticing and appreciating what’s good in your life can give you a happiness boost even in rough times. So take moments to be grateful for a helpful co-worker, a cuddle from your pet or even just a really good hair day.

3. Lend a hand

People who help others tend to feel happier. Consider volunteering regularly for a cause that’s important to you. And look for little ways every day to help out friends, family, colleagues or strangers even if it’s just a kind word or caring ear.

4. Talk nicer to yourself

Do you tend to get down on yourself? Enjoy more happiness by questioning and countering your own negative thoughts. Research shows that by making positive shifts in thinking, over time, you can actually change your brain.

5. Find joy in moving

Exercise floods your brain with feel-good hormones. It can also help ease stress and anxiety. Find activities you enjoy that keep you coming back for more.

6. Create and play

Pursuing creative and playful activities can make you feel good. Whether it's playing board games or air guitar, doodling or double Dutch, encouraging your silly side can bring you joy.

7. Get your pillow time

It’s no surprise we are happier when we are well-rested. In fact, getting quality sleep may help reduce the risk for anxiety and depression. Aim for a good seven to nine hours of slumber for better health and happiness.

8. Look on the brighter side

The next time you’re faced with a negative situation, look for the silver lining. Did you manage it okay or learn something new? Nobody’s life is perfect. But focusing on the good instead of the bad can help tough times seem more manageable. Remember, you have choices. You may find your bliss by choosing those that add more meaning to your life. And that’s certainly something to be happy about.

I hope the above message is useful. If you have any questions about the article or other health related issues, please contact Parish Nurse Cheryl Letendre, R.N., B.S.N., C.P.N.

Source: United Healthcare Newsletter, August 2016