Ministry of Gifts and Leadership

Everyone has something to contribute to the life of our congregation and outreach into the community. Through conversation and action, we develop our own gifts and help others recognize theirs. Knowing that each person is a beloved child of God with gifts to contribute—helps us to be patient with one another, encouraging expression of faith, and sometimes looking for the unexpected. Knowing that the Great Commandment from Jesus is to love God with our heart and soul and mind and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves—we center all the organizational activities of our congregation in our faith relationship with God.


The Ministry of Gifts and Leadership has the responsibility for nominating a slate of officers, ministry and mission members to be voted on at the Annual Election Meeting in May.


They are to identify skills and talents of church members, cultivate and support volunteer leadership in the life of the Church and community, contribute to support, resources and training for church leaders, and help in volunteer recognition.